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Project Description
Evolving Dominion source code originally written in VB6 and posted by "jatill" on Collectible Card Game Headquarters. Migration of the design and source onto the .NET framework.

Slightly Magic Discussion Group

20100929: Added some notes on UI design. Been jotting them down while playing the jatill game.
Dominion.Net UI Rubrics


20101003: Some notes on getting the Prism samples and templates to work

Cooking With Prism



Current Roadmap:

Using jatill’s code as a reference, we are starting a fresh project.

  • VS 2010
  • C#
  • .NET version…? (Is 4.0 Client ok?)
  • WPF
  • Prism

We would like to plan for multi-targeting to support Silverlight, WinPhone, Mono, etc. The current plan is to target desktop WPF first.


Open questions:

  • Which Prism mode: ViewModel or Presenter? It seems that the newer docs use Presenter (e.g., the hands-on-lab), but the template only demonstrates ViewModel. The docs are somewhat confused and confusing.

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